Rutherford County Board of REALTORS®


Revised December 9th, 2014 







1.  Applications for MLS Participation Agreement & MLS Application Form can be obtained through the Board Office.


2.  For MLS applicants, a onetime Setup fee of $70.00*(non refundable) for each agent made payable to RCBOR MLS.


3.  A onetime Initial Participation/Office/Firm fee of $1,000.00 *(non refundable) for the Principal Broker, payable in full upon application made payable to RCBOR MLS.


4.  (If Rutherford County Board of REALTORS® is NOT your primary board) you will

need to get a “Letter of Good Standing” from your Primary Association for everyone in your office this will be required.





1.  Dues are paid monthly. They are collected from your Principal Brokers/ Owners. Submitted to the RCBOR Office in one (1) check.

     All correspondence should be directed to the RCBOR MLS office at 162 North Main Street, Rutherfordton, NC 28139


2.  In case of hardship the AE may be contacted for consideration of waiving the time restriction and special payment arrangements may be made. The information will be kept in confidence and decision made between the AE and the President of the Board of Directors.


(a) Participation and Subscription Fees: The Monthly participation fee of each Participant shall be an amount determined by the Multiple Listing Service Board of Directors times each salesperson and licensed or certified appraiser and trainees who has access to and use of the Service, whether licensed as a broker, sales licensee, or licensed or certified appraiser and trainee, who is employed by or affiliated as an independent contractor with such participant. Payment of such fees shall be made on a monthly basis as directed by the Multiple Listing Service. Fees shall be prorated on a monthly basis.


(b) Listing and Penalties:

Each listing submitted to the Multiple Listing Services within five (5) business days of date of entry, including photos, except unimproved property/land must be completed. All properties located in Rutherford County MUST be entered. Failure to comply will result in a fine as established by the MLS Board of Directors. Mandatory fields not correctly filled out within three (3) business days of notification by the Association Executive will result in removal of the listing from the MLS system. 


3. Dues Refund: In the case of a death of a member a refund of MLS Dues will be issued to the estate of the member pro-rated from the day of death through the end of the Quarter for which dues were paid.





1. It will be the responsibility of Brokers-In-Charge of each Member Office to notify the Board Office in writing via mail, email or fax within thirty (30) days of any status change of any MLS participant in the office for which he/she is responsible.


Article 4.2 Discontinuance of Service. Participants of the Service may discontinue the Service by giving the Service 7 days’ written notice. If a firm has previously been a member of the Multiple Listing Service in good standing and wishes to rejoin, they will be allowed to do so by making formal application in the manner prescribed for new applicants for participation.





1. MLS Committee Meetings are held once a month, unless a special meeting is called to order.





1.  The MLS AE may be reached in the Board Office located at 162 North Main Street, Rutherfordton, NC 28139. Normal working hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The office phone number is 828-286-0910 office FAX number is 828-287-4146 and the email address is a message may be left on the Voice Mail.


2.  It is requested that the AE be called and that appointments be made for time consuming duties (i.e. New Agents sign-up, etc.) as the position requires the AE to run job related errands to the Bank, Post Office, etc. and committee meetings are often scheduled in the office.





1.  The Fee for Paragon MLS system is $45.00* a month for each agent.


2.  It is the responsibility of each Office/Firm to input the initial new listing data into the PARAGON internet system 5 (five) business days after all necessary signatures of seller(s) have been obtained. Monday through Friday business days of obtaining the 

listing. All properties located in Rutherford County MUST be entered. Any change in status should be made within 3 business days of the change of status.


3. Each Principal Broker should notify the MLS AE in writing via Fax or email to Delete an Agent when the Agent leaves the office, and send a copy of the NC Real Estate Commission Form.



Section 15—Orientation: Any applicant for MLS Participation and any licensee affiliated with an MLS Participant who has access to and use of MLS-generated information shall complete an orientation program of no more than eight (8) classroom hours devoted to the MLS rules and regulations and computer training related to MLS information entry and retrieval and the operation of the MLS within thirty (30) days after access has been provided.



Required MLS Orientation Training


The Rutherford County Board of REALTORS® MLS will provide and will pay for a Web Ed (Web Education) class once every 30 (thirty) days for new members. If there are current members that want to take the course they may apply to the Board Office to hold the additional spot in the training Web Ed (Web Education) course. Space is limited and will be offered to new members first. New members who have signed up and failed to take the scheduled course will be suspended immediately until course is completed. New members should take this course with in the first 30 (thirty) days to avoid non compliance with the MLS Rules and Regulations Orientation policy.



By my signature below I attest that I have read the above MLS Policies and Procedures and agree to comply with the contents herein:





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*Fees are subject to change by the RCBOR MLS Board of Directors as may be determined from time to time as dictated by economic conditions.